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Document 3.
Memorandum of United Committees of Unliberated Albanians, igned by Hasan Prishtina, Bajram Curri and others, on massacres committed on Albanians, that was sent to the Presidency of the League of Nations

Geneva, 26 September, 1924

Mr President,

Since the first days of the establishment of Serbian regime in Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro (15-30 October, 1918), our committees have addressed letters to the Peace Conference, Ambassadorial Conference, the League of Nations and the public opinion of the civilised world to protest against this regime and the fact that the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian state did not show its willing to respect the rights of minorities, but it has reached that far as to deny the right of the Albanians to their existence.
The enclosing documents present a picture of the Serbian attitude towards the Albanians in the provinces mentioned above.

1. Organisation of armed bands:
Under the name of national organisations, the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian state has organised armed bands that have terrorised Albanian regions, massacred Albanian villagers after they have plundered the Albanians and burned down their houses.

2. Organisation of periodical massacres:
Under the pretext of the pressure of kaaks' (deserters), Serbian regular military forces have destroyed many villages in the districts of Prishtina, Vushtria, Mitrovica and Peja (Ipek), massacring thousands of peasants, not saving the women, children and old people, either.
3. Colonisation at destroyed villages and in abandoned houses:
Every attack for destroying the Albanians is followed by an operation of settling Russian, Serbian and Montenegrin colonists. These colonists terrorise the neighbouring villages systematically, forcing their inhabitants to abandon their hearths, which are confiscated and colonised immediately afterwards. It is precisely a part of the victims of these tragic manoeuvres that go around their hearths and are called kaaks'.

4. Legal plundering:
Kosova, mainly an agricultural region..., now is suffering of a dreadful misery: the villagers and citizens of the Albanians nationality, chiefly farmers, have been deprived of their land under the pretext of implementation of the agrarian reform.

5. Mass emigration of the Albanians of Kosova:
This regime of iron, fire and plunder, constitutes the main factor of emigration in mass of the Albanian population to Turkey, that is being carried out in dreadful conditions; hundreds of families paying it by their lives, and the other part being punished in an indescribable misery.

6. Constitutional liberties:
The Serbian Constitution, as far as the Albanians of Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro are concerned, has only the value of a card overlaid with gold to mislead the public opinion of the civilised world. To Albanians it is the same as the Constitution of Jeunes Turques of 1908-1918 was to Armenians.

7. Serbian justice':
To have a clear idea about the Serbian justice', it suffices to know that no Serbian has ever been sent to court for thousands and thousands of crimes committed on the daylight: it is the sole country in the world where killing is executed in the presence of judges that keep silent.
All that we have declared above is in contradiction to the norms defined in articles 1-8 of the first chapter of the Treaty on the rights of national minorities, that was signed in Saint Germain on 10 September, 1919 by the great powers and the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian state.

Signed by: Bajram Curri, Hasan Prishtina...
Representatives of united committees of the unliberated Albanians.