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Document 10.
The supreme headquarters of the national-liberation army and partisan units of Yugoslavia
Very confidential. No. 31
8 February 1945

Due to the emerging circumstances

I Order

1. That military administration be instituted in Kosova and Metohija, which is to be an organ of the military-state rule in the province.
2. That Sava Drlevic, commander of the operative headquarters in Kosova and Metohija, be in charge with the administration.
That Colonel Djura Medenica be assigned political commissary of the operative headquarters for Kosova and Metohija.
Colonel Sava Drlevic and colonel Djuro Medenica will be concomitantly responsible for these assignments as well as their regular offices in the headquarters.
3. That Colonel Nikola Buzancic be assigned commander of the Kosova and Metohija military zone.
The headquarters of the military zone will be directly accountable to the military administration, or/and the operative headquarters for Kosova and Metohija.

Death to fascism - freedom for people!

The supreme commander of the national-liberation army and partizan units of Yugoslavia
Marshal of Yugoslavia