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Welcome to Albanet! Welcome to the Albanian Music. All sound files are in Real Player format, so you need a free copy of   Real Player, and a 28.8 Kbps or faster modem

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Sef duraj                                                     Eja po te pres
Sef Duraj   · A Je Engjull 
Sef Duraj   Ardiana
Sef Duraj    Eja po te pres
Sef Duraj    O si te them
Sef Duraj   Shko ne dreq te mallkuar
Sef Duraj   · Syte e mi
Sef Duraj   ·Te kam shiqu me sy
Sef Duraj   · Trendeline
Alexander Gokaj -  The Best Of Alexander Gokaj
Click here to play the enite Cd
1 Track 1 5 Track 5 
2 Track 2 6 Track 6
3 Track 3 7 Track 7 
4 Track 4 8 Track 8
Smail Puraj [CD] - Moj Tradhtare
1. Riduana 6. Mallku qafsh gyrbet
2. Moj tradhtare 7. Vec kujtimet
3. Te kam dashura 8. Shota
4. Te prita 9. Po t'mallkoj
5. Hajde lule 10. Jam dashuru


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